Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Liquid Religion

Early Wednesday morning on my way to class,
a Jesus freak blocks my path
wearing a stiff suit, toothpaste breath and toothy leer
“Have you found Jesus?” he asks,
putting me to the task
“Yup,” I say, raising my sacred cup,
“Got my religion right here.”

Morning swells and hits like a brick
groaning, moaning,
full of good intentions, aspirations, inspiration
but with little patience.
floating in a miasma of drama
between life and unlife, asleep and alert, heaven and hell….

Oh coffee, sweet coffee, you sing to me

Rain and pain falls down crazy from above
to mix its tricks with the black subconscious
fruits of West and East.
Beans and dreams are chewed and brewed
deep in the belly of the coffee machine beast

Swirls and whorls of milk descend into blackness,
darker than taxes. Ivory meets ebony in the ultimate glasnost.
Gotta love French roast, Vanilla,
iced double cap like liquid smack
but it’s legal
Hard square sugar ideas
dare to lose themselves to that tragic magic
disappear clear into my caffeine universe

Coffee takes out the crinkled kinks and straightens the cosmic curves
letting my pain take brush and stroke,
lean mean expresso confessions
Raspberry dreams flitting across the iron sky
Caged like one-eyed songbirds onto stale paper
breathed adrenaline life by my lies,
by my jittering pen

Cafe au lait. Mocha J. Nonfat, did you say?
And a bagel please, with cream cheese
take my place in the blackness of the Milky way
inject a shot of caffiene wisdom for the coming day


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